Payment Types

Payments can be processed using a credit card on file, and are invoiced and billed same day of service. A credit card is set as the default payment type and must be on file before an appointment is made. Invoice items are due 30 days after the appointment has occured, if the charge is bounced after the appointment, and are automatically billed by our system. We can also take cash or check after the appointment.

New Patients

Minutes Rate
0 - 30 $ 190
31 - 45 $ 260
46 - 60 $ 325

In Office
Existing Patients

Minutes Rate
0 - 15 $ 90
16 - 30 $ 130
31 - 45 $ 180
46 - 60 $ 225

Existing Patients

Telemedicine is an option for existing patients who want to do a receive medical care online using webcams. It allows you to recieve the same level of care as an in-office visit, without leaving the privacy of your home. Telemedicine appointments are scheduled through our website, and are done through Kareo, which is HIPPA complient. Telemedicine appointments are billed at a 20% discount compared to our in-office visit, for existing patients.

Read more about our telemedicine option here.

Minutes Rate
0 - 15 $ 75
16 - 30 $ 105
31 - 45 $ 145
46 - 60 $ 180

Other Patient Services

Exam for paperwork for existing patients: $ 225

Existing patient prescription refill request: $ 0

Legal Casework

By case by case review, billed hourly

Insurance Policy, Fee for Service:

New Brain Frontier does not file insurance claims on behalf of patients. Payments from the patient are processed day of service, through a credit card on file, or via cash or check. Existing patients must pay the full account balance after the appointment. New patients pay $90, and the remaining balance will be charged within 30 days of the completed appointment automatically by the software.

After the appointment is complete, the patient will recieve an email containing a link to their appointment information. This appointment link will contain the nessesary information to complete your insurance claim with your insurance provider, so you may be reimbursed from your insurance provider.

You should contact your own insurance provider to see if you are covered and the extent you may be reimbursed by your own insurance. To reiterate: We do not file Medicare, Medicaid, or any public or private insurance claims on the behalf the patient. All payments are collected upon completion of the appointment.

Upon registering as a patient, you can fill out your insurance information in your account page, but this is optional.

No Insurance Rationale

Contrary to belief, there is only about a ~50% collection rate on insurance claims. Often insurance can deny the claim, or make it difficult to collect. I suspect this is one reason that insurance costs have gone up; medical professionals have to raise prices to have to offset these lack of collections. We shift this risk of collection to the patient and their insurance provider.

We suspect if we did accept insurance our pricing would not significantly change, as we would have to take in co-pays or deductibles from the patient, that would not be significantly different from our current pricing. More working hours or administration costs for collections would be offset cost savings for the patient; we would have to hire a specialist for collections. In effect we would have to double our prices because, again, collections are around 50%.

Instead we would rather have transparent pricing, listed above, and pass these savings to you. If you have insurance, you can still to collect from your insurance provider, so in effect this is a cheaper, more transparent option for all patients, not just those with insurance.

Cancellation Policy

If an appointment must be cancelled, the clinic must be given 48 hours notice (to reschedule other patients). If an appointment is missed, or not given the proper 48 hour notification, then we reserve the right charge the card on file $75.

Do you have private health insurance? You may be able to submit your own claim to get reimbursed.

1. Save your itemized receipt (this will be online in your account page, posted after your scheduled appointment)

2. Locate and complete your insurance’s reimbursement claim form for non-participating providers

3. Make a copy of the form for safekeeping and mail the original with supporting documents before submission deadline

Sample forms below. Please VERIFY it’s the right form by contacting your specific plan: